Intelligent Digital Building Solution

Buildings are like human body which require energy, fresh air, regular check-up, hygiene, and more to sustain healthy and longer life. A good building and energy management solution monitors and controls all the equipment and sub-systems installed in a building so that the building works effectively and efficiently along with providing a comfortable environment to its occupants.

For the new and advanced features of electronic subsystems installed in a new generation building or smart building, the building management solution should be equally powerful and capable. The building management solution should match the latest technologies so that it is capable to understand latest equipment, their functionalities and the data.

IOTomation’s intelligent digital building solution (iDBS) is an IoT-based solution upgraded to work with all the latest technologies. Our research team regular tests and upgrades the solution to meet the latest requirements. Intelligent digital building solution connects all equipment and sub-systems installed in the building to an AI based software that reads & analyzes the data.

iDBS is the perfect solution to reduce the costs of energy, commissioning and maintenance of a building and enabling a safer, efficient and reliable environment.

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