Today the existing BMS raise numerous challenges for building owners. As a building owner or facility in-charge you might have noticed that 1) current BMS are dumb, distributed, and failed most of the time, 2) it doesn’t have integrated intelligence as the system works independently, 3) it doesn’t bring any influence in business decision; because correlation between functional data is missing, 4) no remote functionality is available as it runs on client server, 5) being a one-time delivery model, there is no operation mechanism. 

That is why IOTomation has brought BIoT to offer you scalable IoT enabled solution through use of modular components in both software and hardware. Let us give you comprehensive idea about it. 

What is BIoT: The full form of BIot is BuildingIoT. Yes you get it right; it has utmost connection with IoT i.e. Internet Of Things. It is a platform that automates and integrates various subsystems of a building on a single centralized dashboard. Simultaneously, it optimizes energy usage, improves productivity and increases energy efficiency. This platform comes with all functionality inbuilt like HVAC, plumbing, electrical etc. It also integrates other systems like fire, security, parking management, visitor management etc. in a single screen and finally its intelligent modules deliver complete building efficiency and seamless data insight. 

How does it work: BIoT integrates with the electro-mechanical systems and provides central monitoring and control of all integrated equipment such as water pumps, chillers / heat exchangers, cooling towers, air handling units, and many more. 

What solutions it offers: BIoT offers add-on-modules such as Intelligent Energy Management System (iEMS), Intelligent Fire Management System (iFMS), Intelligent Predictive and Preventive Maintenance (iPPM), Intelligent Tenant Billing System (iTBS) that can be added as per the requirements of the customers. 

Benefits of BIoT: 

a) Upto 30%* Reduction in Energy Bills

b) Upto 25%* Reduction in Operational Costs

c) Upto 30%* Increase in Equipment Life

d) Upto 40%* Reduction in Occupants Complaints

e) Subscription Based Payment Plan (Pay-As-You-Use)

f) Dedicated Command Centre for Responsive Support & Long Term Reliability

What is additional for you: BIoT comes with iCOMMAND, a centralized Network Operations Centre for monitoring & management of operations and energy of distributed assets. It provides remote access & control, ensures clear responsibility, seamless resolution and accuracy in uptime calculation along with data analysis & reports by the energy experts.

What you can do with iCOMMAND: 

a) Remote Accessibility: Remotely Monitors & Controls Disparate Equipments & Systems Integrated with iBEMS

b) 95%* Up-time: 95%* Up-time Assurance of Equipments Integrated with iBEMS

c) Fault Diagnosis: Faster Fault Diagnosis through Real-Time Corrective Measures for Generated Alerts

d) Real Time Data: Idenfies Real-Time Scheduling, Run Hours and Set-Point Anomalies & Breakdowns

e) Help Desk Management: Controls Building Remotely & Coordinates with local facility team, through Help Desk System

f) Data Analysis: Data Analysis for Energy Optimization by Experts

Why IOT in managing Building: IoT and smart building – these are not marketing hype, rather they can provide value to building owners, operators, facility managers and even tenants. The point of IoT is not to say what those applications are, but to enable the use of the Internet to gain access to it. Every smart building has expensive, energy-using equipment and lots of it. That equipment contains many individual microcomputer-based control devices that control and manage all kinds of different physical, mechanical equipment, lighting, security, life-safety, laboratories etc. All these devices need to be carefully purchased, installed, commissioned, operated and maintained. Humans are involved in all these steps, but they can do everything to manage the entire building.  BIoT is not the replacement for existing BAS, rather it would be an epically game changing idea. 

How it will change the practice of facility management: Many industry experts believe that IoT and its data will soon be a replacement of a facility management team. But the real fact is IoT can help team to devise smart maintenance strategy by using data intelligence produced by the technology. Here is how IoT works for a building, be it commercial, residential, hotels, hospitals or IT parks. The technology creates a network of sensors and appliances, and other devices used for fire safety, parking, security, occupancy, HVAC, lighting, waste management, elevator, water etc. These devices can send, receive and act on data of its performance. IoT technology bring that colossal amount of data to the cloud. In case of a building management, these devices communicate with command centre where data is analyzed locally. These devices can do most of their works without human intervention, although facility management team can interact with them for fixing the performance set of point of each devices, giving specific instructions and accessing the data. 

Payment model:

IOTomation has brought to you an exclusive pricing model, under which clients are charged only for the services and the functionality they choose. You can avail this "PaYu" subscription based payment plan, in which you do not have to pay any heavy upfront payment. You have to pay only for the services and the functionality that you choose. Our pioneering Pay-As-You-Use (PaYu) Model, the rst in the industry, successfully addresses challenges related to reliability in long term, technology obsolescence, manpower management and changing regulations.

Why Traditional payment model is not suitable for you:

a) Cost for IO (Data Points) as per the entire work scope is applicable

b) Extra Charges Applicable

c) Operators in the BMS Control Room will take care of the query

d) Extra Charges Applicable

e) Yearly Comprehensive or Non – comprehensive AMC has to be bought at per the annual rates

f) Up-time calculation is done on the basis of certain rules defined as per customer maintenance practice

g) Need to pay the ENTIRE "CAPEX"

h) SITC Charges Applicable

i) Entire SITC Job will be executed

Why we call it an economical solution:

a) It converts your Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) into an Operation Expenditures (OPEX)

b) No need to down payment 

c) Charges are applicable only for the services and functionalities used

d) Don’t worry about upgradation of Software and Controllers 

e) There is no Upfront Payment

About IOTomation: IOTomation is born in this new age of ‘IoT’, wherein open protocols, cloud computing, analytics and intelligence have been designed and integrated into the core of its products and services. The team of IOTomation designs and develops innovative and intelligent building management and solutions that only reduces the cost of energy, commissioning and maintenance but at the same time also enables safer, efficient reliable and more productive world. 


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