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New Age intelligent Building and Energy Management Solution

New Age iBEMS is an intelligent building solution that not only automates and integrates various sub-systems of a building on a single centralized platform but also optimizes energy usage, improves productivity and increases energy efficiency.

iBEMS integrates with the electro-mechanical systems & provides central monitoring and control of all the integrated equipments such as water pumps, chillers/heat
exchangers, cooling towers, air handling units, and many

iBEMS offers complete management, intelligence and command centre as an integrated stack. Deployed on cloud, the technology lets you to - 

  • Eliminate the barrier of geographical location and distance
  • Completely take control of your building, while relieving you and your facility management team from the mundane repetitive tasks
  • Have quicker payback and improved operational and energy efficiency

iBEMS enables connected devices to observe, identify and understand issues/problems and the surroundings without complete dependency on humans. It helps you to realize the true potential of energy saving, and easily deliver up to 30% savings in your operating costs through improved operational efficiency.

  • The INTELLIGENCE and ANALYTICS features of iBEMS allows you to visually monitor entire operations on a single dashboard in real-time
  • All the INFORMATION and DATA comes with the flexibility of accessibility available to different user type
  • TRENDS and ENERGY PROFILE REPORTS enable you to compare and benchmark the consumption across norms set or earlier trends.


IOTomation’s iBEMS allows you to remotely, yet efficiently carry out following functionalities of the equipment through an easy graphical interface.

  • Control and Management: It allows you to centrally monitor & control -
    • Running status
    • On-Off operation
    • Animated status of dynamic factors
  • Optimization: It helps various utilities & devices attain -
    • Synchronization between different components to deliver optimized performance e.g. AHU, VFDs, VAVs
  • Real-Time Alarms: It lets you set –
    • Different types of alarms or exceptions from set parameters
  • Scheduling: This feature facilitates -
    • Auto-scheduling of any operation within the system
    • Maintenance & scheduling history
  • Reports: It lets you have –
    • Detailed operational trends / logs for viewing or analysis

Product Architecture

IOTomation's iBEMS makes building automation scalable and affordable through use of modular components in both software and hardware. Thus deployment in both new and old buildings is easier and faster. Support for standard protocols ensures out-of-box integration of a variety of equipment, making the system highly configurable and maintainable by the building staff. iBEMS lets you truly take control of your building by eliminating the need for manual oversight. It allows you to monitor your buildings’ performance from just about anywhere, completely relieving you and your facility management team from the mundane, repetitive tasks. Quite simply, it will become your Facility team’s invaluable member that you cannot do without.

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