iotosafe building module

Business around the world are strategizing how they can return to normalcy post lockdown. In order to come back stronger, companies will need to reimagine their business operation as their return to full speed.

The use of technology in retail has always been crucial and COVID 19 pandemic still on the run, the importance of technology has become important than ever. Everyone has taken a new turn with health and hygiene becoming the top priority; then want contactless and safe return to building. Now the question is how building operator will make best use of the technology to not only adapt to occupants’ needs but also win the game of footfalls in the commercial units of the buildings?

iotoSafe Safe Building Module from IOTomation is a new sequence designed for contact-less screening of occupants through thermal scanner and Government recommended contact tracing app.

It is also designed to maximize ventilation and outside air to maintain healthy and safe indoor environments of the building. The parameters of the application are based on the latest guidelines recommended by ASHRAE, DIPP and WHO. As recommendations from these authorities evolves over time, iotoSafe updates over the cloud to implement the most current strategies and minimize viral transmission, while maximizing energy efficiency and indoor air quality (AIQ).

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