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New Age intelligent Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

IOTomation’s Intelligent Predictive & Preventive Maintenance Solution continuously monitors the integrated equipment’s health and schedules their maintenance or replacement depending on their current and projected condition.

iPPM helps to avoid unexpected breakdowns and associated downtime and costs by regular monitoring equipments & it’s parts. Preventive maintenance schedules maintenance and servicing activities automatically to avoid more expensive repairs. By assigning the tasks at the right time and preventing the equipment from breaking down, the life of assets is extended, and in consequence increases the overall efficiency and ensures uninterrupted productivity.


Key features of our iPPM are:

  • Senses both temperature and vibration, the two main aspect that depicts the condition of motors
  • Does analysis and makes predictions on the basis of vibration and temperature data
  • Incorporates 4-K FFT for Vibration Spectral Analysis
  • Independent of the power supply and therefore the changing nature of the electrical parameters
  • Very portable and can be easily mounted on the motor
  • Self powered and wireless device



  • Minimizes the number of failures of critical equipment
  • Reduces the loss of production from equipment failures
  • Acquires meaningful data from the equipment history to more intelligent decisions on repair, overhaul, and replacement
  • Provides tasks for planning and scheduling for minimal production disruption
  • Promotes better safety, health, and environmental conditions for our workforce
  • Reduces product rejects, rework, and scrap through better overall equipment condition
  • Indicates the need for corrective maintenance, operator training, or replacement of obsolete equipment
  • Increases the life span of assets and equipments

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