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Upgrade to New Age Intelligence Building

The fact that your building is as good as its foundation is undeniable. Likewise, its energy and operational efficiency are as good as its building & energy management systems.

Technology trends like proliferation of sensors & networks, infinite computing, and artificial intelligence are ushering the New Age Intelligence - IoT. This will help buildings to be environmentally progressive in future.

IOTomation’s New Age Intelligent Building and Energy Management Solution (iBEMS), is an IoT based solution on cloud; supports all commercially used sensors and controllers on a secure IP led open protocol technology. It easily integrates wide range of legacy & disparate systems, equipment, utilities, and devices across gateways & geographies communicating through interactional and transactional data.

Our New Age Intelligence Building and Energy Management Solution (iBEMS) empowers you to track your building integrated equipments and energy consumption, make informed decisions and therefore greatly reduce waste, loss and cost involved in building management and energy optimization.

Upgrading from any legacy system or a third party vendor onto iBEMS is easy, quick, reliable, flexible, and scalable. Our cutting-edge technology is available at a low upfront cost and downtime under PaYu plan.

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