For some of you, it is like a sci-fi movie, or you may think that machine will replace the manpower. No, it is not about such concept that removes human involvement. Rather here we promote a concept that talks about man-machine symbiosis. For more than fifty years, there was a flow of public opinions that machine can’t work like a human being. Yes, it is possible and certainly desirable in the 21st century.

Yes, a building can be well managed by the teams of humans and machines combined. Many industry experts still think that if machine develops smart maintenance strategy for buildings by using its deeply learned data, it will soon be a replacement of facility management team or building operators.

It is true that no novel science or technology of such magnitude arrives without disadvantages, even perils; but in case of new age building management, humans work like referees in sports. Like a referee, when building operator does his job well, none notices. But when they don’t, everyone notices and many raise complaints.

When building operator works on traditional BMS, they take decisions based on the data they receive from the current system. And that data is incomplete. Because they take decisions based on the spread sheets, preventive maintenance softwares, utility bills, and their own intuition. That data is not much intelligent to help you take strategic roadmap. That is exactly where machine learning comes in.

The terms like machine learning and data intelligence generated by the machine, have become prominent so quickly, many building operators are confused with how close these technologies are market-ready, what exactly they should do and what truly they need to excel at their job.

Let us explain what machine can do to manage your building. Be it a commercial or residential building, hotels, hospitals or IT park, internet of things creates a network of sensors and appliances and other devices used for fire safety, parking, security, occupancy, HVAC, lighting, waste management, elevator, water etc. These devices can send, receive and act on data of its performance. And with the help of IoT technology that colossal amount of data is brought  to the cloud. Now if you have installed a command center in your building, the data can be presented to that command center for analysing the performance of the devices locally. These devices can do most of their works without human intervention, although facility management team can interact with them for fixing the performance - set  point of each device, giving specific instructions and accessing the data. And this is truly called man-machine symbiosis.

IOTomation’s BIoT (Building IoT) platform does the same work seamlessly. It is a full stack comprehensive dashboard to manage the building smartly. This platform comes with all functionalities inbuilt like HVAC, Plumbing, electrical etc. For a building, energy consumption monitoring, maintaining environmental quality by measuring particulate matters like CO2, equipment life increase, building occupancy measurements, space utilisation, operational cost reduction are the most concerned areas.

Since all these areas are connected to Building IOT, it can unlock new opportunities to analyse data and create efficient and productive solutions to every-day challenges faced building operators and facility management team. BIoT also integrates other systems like fire, security, parking management, visitor management etc. in a single screen and finally its intelligent modules deliver complete building efficiency and seamless data insight.

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