Internet of Things is a technology that transfers data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. With the capacity of generating huge amount data, this relatively new technology can boost the performance of the business, increase the efficiency of team, reduce operational costs, and create more streamlined working practices. For a facility management company also, IoT can go a long way to drive the industry forward.

Many industry experts believe that IoT and its data will soon be a replacement of a facility management team. But the real fact is IoT can help team to devise smart maintenance strategy by using data intelligence produced by the technology.  

Here is how IoT works for a building, be it commercial, residential, hotels, hospitals or IT parks. The technology creates a network of sensors and appliances, and other devices used for fire safety, parking, security, occupancy, HVAC, lighting, Waste management, elevator, water etc. These devices can send, receive and act on data of its performance. IoT technology bring that colossal amount of data to the cloud. In case of a building management, these devices communicate with command centre where data is analysed locally. These devices can do most of their works without human intervention, although facility management team can interact with them for fixing the performance set of point of each devices, giving specific instructions and accessing the data.

IOTomation Ecotech Pvt. Ltd has brough BIoT (Building IoT) platform, a full stack comprehensive dashboard to manage the building smartly. This platform comes with all functionalities inbuilt like HVAC, Plumbing, electrical etc. For a building, energy consumption monitoring, maintaining environmental quality by measuring particulate matters like CO2, equipment life increase, building occupancy measurements, space utilisation, operational cost reduction are the most concerned areas.

Since all these areas are connected to Building IOT, it can unlock new opportunities to analyse data and create efficient and productive solutions to every-day challenges faced facility management team. BIoT also integrates other systems like fire, security, parking management, visitor management etc. in a single screen and finally its intelligent modules deliver complete building efficiency and seamless data insight.

You may think that IoT implementation on building management system takes heavy investment, and it may break the bank. But the actual fact is that if any facility team chooses BIoT on subscription model, they don’t to pay any heavy upfront payment. IOTomation offers PaYu model, an economical solution that converts your capital expenditures (CAPEX) into an operation Expenditures (OPEX). They need to pay for what they use that means charges are applicable only for the services and functionalities used. There is no extra cost on upgradation of controllers and softwares. By upgrading the traditional building management system to BIoT, facility management companies ensure success and secure buy-in from key stakeholders in the business.

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