Energy Consumption in Buildings

Posted on 27 Dec, 2018

Energy is one of the most important building blocks in human development, and as such, acts as a key factor in determining the economic development of all the cities/states/countries. Ever increasing demand of energy has posed tremendous pressure on its limited resources and has necessitated optimum use of its resources.

The energy consumption in Indian buildings is continuously rising due to economic and human development. This rising energy demand can be reduced through energy efficient building strategies. Different assessment shows that lighting and air conditioning use around 80% of the energy in commercial buildings.

Energy Consumption in Buildings

The need for lighting, air-conditioning, heating and ventilation needs to be optimized to reduce the load on energy production and to facilitate an inclusive growth both economically and environmentally. This leads to adoption of innovative systems and technologies for making buildings more intelligent. Intelligent buildings can generate data that enables more efficient and reliable operations of the buildings systems.

With its dedication in technology, IOTomation designs and develops IoT based solutions that help commercial buildings optimize its power consumption and increase the energy efficiency. IOTomation’s intelligent building and energy management solution (iBEMS) not only makes buildings smart but intelligent. Unlike any other BMS or EMS products which individually cater the building requirement, iBEMS monitors, controls and optimizes both building equipment and energy consumption on a single cloud based platform. iBEMS is powered to generate alarms and send detailed notification in case of any anomalies or incidents to the responsible team for immediate action ensuring more safer environment.

iBEMS not only reduces the energy bills by optimizing energy resources but also increases lifespan of electro-mechanical equipment. With iBEMS, daily mundane jobs of monitoring/inspecting/controlling of all integrated equipment is automated which saves lots of time and manpower. Its fire monitoring and environment control features ensures safer and reliable environment. iBEMS optimizes all the power consuming resources and reduces upto 30% of energy bills and 25% of operational costs.

IOTomation do not stop at this. IOTomation keeps on renovating and updating its products and solution as per latest technology and trends.

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