Intelligent Digital Building Solution

An intelligent digital building solution is a comprehensive centralized solution powered by IoT technology that improves building efficiency, its management and ensures occupants safety & comfort. Intelligent digital building solution or iDBS is an advanced level building and energy management solution that uses AI technology to provide real time solution.

Below are the few benefits of using an intelligent digital building solution -

  • Reliability - Intelligent digital building solution provides reassurance of 99% uptime, allowing business processes to continue, keeping revenue and productivity as high as possible.

  • Convergence - It integrates disparate, unconnected devices to a single centralised system to share information, ensure life safety and improve building management.

  • Productivity - It improves occupants comfort and ensures their safety thus increasing the productivity.

  • Analytics - It tracks, keep records and benchmark data in real time. Intelligent digital building solution uses the AI technology to analyze the data and provide an actionable insight.

  • Environmental Solution - Health and workplace well-being improve the environment and occupant satisfaction. Intelligent digital building solution makes buildings resource efficient, using less energy and water.

  • Automated Environmental Change - Intelligent digital building solution automatically detects occupant’s presence and change the environment as per the requirement of that space, ensuring everyone remains comfortable.

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